Whatever Happened to Allison Stokke, The Viral Pole Vaulter?


Professional athletes have their time in the sun but for Allison Stokke, an innocent photograph went viral and nearly ruined her career.

Most hardworking athletes want to be recognized for their drive and talent. But what happens when someone becomes famous for something that was totally out of their control. This is what happened to Allison Stokke who today is a fitness model after competing for years as a pole vaulter. Allison Stokke became a phenomenon overnight in 2007 when she was only 17 years old. She almost broke the Internet before that was even a thing.

A photographer snapped Stokke during a track meet and her photo hit social media with millions of views, something she was not comfortable with. It gained her massive popularity but it was because of her pole vaulting skills, but rather her looks and physique. She became an instant sensation and it was very difficult for the youngster to grapple with the unwanted attention. So, what happened to the pole vaulter since all this went down?