Mom Adopts 2 Young Children—Surprised About Who They Really Are


Katie Page, originally from Alabama, had some good old southern-fashioned motherly love in abundance but was having trouble conceiving. After going through a divorce, Katie decided that the only way she could share her love was through adoption. That’s when she first met her two babies, Hannah (1) and Grayson (2), whom she fell in love with immediately. However, what she later learned about the two would shock her to her very core. Read on to discover the mysterious truth behind Katie’s children!

1. Feeling Lost

Katie Page had waited a long time to become a mother. When she got married, she was sure that her dream would come true in a matter of months or, at most, years. However, it turns out that her body had other plans. Later on, she discovered that she was unable to become pregnant and that she would have to seek other options if she wanted to raise children of her own. Katie was understandably crushed by this devastating news, but her divorce from her husband was really the nail in the coffin.