The Girls from James Bond, Where Are They Now


The girls from James Bond were undoubtedly the finest we have seen in the entertainment industry. They were a hit and amazing to watch, but after all these years, you may be wondering, where are they? In this article, we talk about these lovely ladies and what they have been up to in recent times. You will realize that unlike great diamonds, being a star doesn’t exactly last for long or forever.

1. Jane Seymour, Live and Let die

Jane Seymour played the role of Solitaire in the epic Live and Let die. She was one of the most attractive James Bond girls and well, her acting career did not end there. She would go on to land a role in the Medicine Woman which was perhaps her biggest role after James Bond. Her career opened doors for her and she also landed a role in Wedding Crashers and then there was Smallville. If you think her career took the best turn then the next one on our list will certainly blow your mind.